At Rulerr we feel that by integrating a product (yours or someone else's) with Rulerr and making our Customer's jobs easier, you should benefit as well.

While some developers want hugs and others want beer and we would love to oblige, we have found it difficult to do our jobs making Rulerr awesome for our customers and give hugs to our developers. With that in mind, we have come up with what we think is a nice alternative: when customers find your integration helpful, we privide you a financial reward based on the number of Customers who use your integration.

We are currently working through the all the nuances of our financial reward scheme, this page documents some of our ideas but please keep in mind that these could change.

Payment Formula

The formula for payments is as follows:

We allocate $2 USD, per paying user, per month to be distributed to API integrators. The $2 is evenly split between all integrated products that user has access to.

Maximum Payments

If you integrate a product with Rulerr the maximum amount, per user, per month, per integration, you can be paid is $1 USD.

Payment Examples


John Smith is part of the ACME organization. John has permission to access five products, four of the products are integrated with Rulerr Access, one is not integrated. John's organization also uses two people management products that are integrated with Rulerr People.

You integrated two of these Products with Rulerr Access, the other integrations were created by someone else. There are a total of 6 integrations that share the $2 USD per month ($2 divided by 6 equals $0.33). You will be paid $0.33 USD per month for each product integration for a total of $0.66 USD for John. The ACME organisation has two hundred (200) users, fifty three people have permission to access one of the products you integrated with Rulerr and forty seven can access the other product you integrated. Each of these people use 6 integrations, so you get paid $0.33 USD per integration, your total payment from Rulerr (for the ACME organization) is $17.49 + $15.51 = $33.00 USD. Rulerr has five thousand (5,000) customers who (for simplicities sake) are exactly the same as ACME Organization, so your total payment per month from Rulerr (for all integrations/customers) is $165,000 USD (5,000 x $33).

Official Integrations

In the interests of simplicity for customers, Rulerr currently only allows a single integration per product. If you write an unofficial integration and the official company integrates their product with Rulerr, their integration will supersede yours. It should be noted that for an integration to supersede yours, it must provide, at a minimum, feature parity as well as integrate with all possible Rulerr integration options.