Integrating a product with Rulerr People allows customers to keep their people management software (Human Resources, Payroll, etc) in sync with Rulerr People.

When you integrate with Rulerr People, you can configure the integration to Read information from the product and/or Write information from the product.

When you select to integrate with Rulerr People, your Product will show as an integrated product within the People page.

When you have completed the integration, you must submit it as complete. We will then check your integration to make sure that it works as customers would expect. If we are satisfied that it adheres to our integration rules, we will make your integration available to Rulerr customers.

API Endpoints

Full documentation for the Rulerr API can be found here

To integrate with Rulerr People you must use certain API endpoints, which are explained below. Please note that you must only insert data from accounts in your product that correspond to actual People. Data that corresponds to other account types such as groups, rooms, devices, etc must not be inserted into Rulerr.

  1. Add your product to your developer portal, selecting "People" as the integration type.
  2. Obtain an access token for your product, and use this when accessing the Rulerr API.

Read Mode

Read mode indicates that data will be "read" from your application and placed into Rulerr.

  1. Obtain a list of organizations which are using your product. Each organization will be returned with the applicable authentication data necessary to interface with your Product's API.

  2. For all People within the Organization in your Product; Add, Update, or Disable the corresponding Person within Rulerr. You can also obtain a list of people within the given organization in order to perform any comparisons with data in your Product.